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Our platform focuses on creating lucid content that educates and helps us to forget or escape the social status quos. Most importantly, it reconnects our Canadian youth on multiple platforms to discover their strength and how it can be reflected and shared in today's world. As a society, we need to acknowledge that once a young person has been imprisoned and enters into the correctional system, rehabilitation is lacking. It feels as if they have closed the door, locked it, and thrown away the key. At the 6ix, we believe in rehabilitating and helping to create a civilized community. In this process we help nurture the individual's maturity and aid in teaching and guiding them down the right path. In addition to theory, we at the 6ix, share knowled... Read More

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At keep6ix we focus on providing help and support to teenagers and adults going through a difficult time. We have increasingly gained knowledge about the high rates of incarceration among black youth in order to provide help to them and their communities. We are highly aware of the tremendous amount of support that these youth require in order to deal with the mental and physical disadvantages they face on a daily basis. At risk youth and young adults have to face adversities and complexities in their self-esteem, in their career and within their own families. We have seen individuals break down completely after being sentenced either because of regrettable crimes or simply because of their color. We are attempting to refine the negative beliefs and perspectives of these individuals and channel them into a more positive outlook. Our compassionate and experienced team provides assistance, counselling and stability to ... Read More.. Donate Now

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