Keep6ix provides an inclusive and supportive environment for at risk youth. Canada has recently seen a surge in gun violence hitting an all time record in killings. Gun violence has been a hot button political issue within the police and after investigation, gang violence in streets has been acknowledged as the root cause. We at Keep6ix provide services to combat violence creating a major impact in the lives of at risk youth.
We have observed that issues such as gang on gang warfare, someone acting on a personal grudge, turf wars and retaliation, guns and drugs are major causes of crime and violence. There are many youth who feel that keeping a gun with themselves will make them safer in communities constantly involved in brutality. Keep6ix removes such insecurities and suppressed emotions and strengthens individuals who strive for a better sense of their own potential. We know that the police cannot arrest their way through crime. Challenged youth require a push to try new tools, strategies, concepts and learning styles to keep them motivated and on track.
We play a fundamental job in intruding on the cycles of violence. Youth who get involved in crime and hostility have often faced trauma, poverty, systemic racism, psychological turmoil and lack of support from families; tend to stray away from the right path. They have frequently confronted neediness, brutality, bigotry, an absence of positive peers, family backings and underserved neighbourhoods. When so many difficulties arises in one’s way, then an effect will definitely be apparent which in most cases are disheartening. We can break this effect and assist one in making the tough decisions along the way.
Keep6ix can provide mentorship and community based activities as it is the prime way through which crime can be eradicated. We build trust. We refine negative beliefs and perspectives. We bridge a considerable difference of outlook. We offer long term counselling. We accord psychological interventions to those who have already given up, those who think that it is too late.
Canada is not known for hostility or crime but we as citizens of this remarkable country have to take effort to address gun violence. No one thinks that they require help to get past these stuff, regardless of whether you are black or white. A portion of these restrictions are additionally forced by the way that we live in a general public where manliness and masculinity are characterized by your strength and your capacity to be strong in face of awful antagonistic vibe. But if you mistakenly seek advice or an answer from the wrong person, it may lead you forever in the wrong direction.
We recognise youth in danger and offer support in dealing with all of this trauma. You may face depression, anxiety, presumption of guilt, risky behaviour and nihilism. But you are not alone. You will always have us to unload your complicated emotions and reciprocate your feelings. Keep6ix is with you.